H4K-IT had a vision of having its own CTF platform where individuals would come to learn and improve their skills, I am proud to announce that the vision has been realized.

H4K-IT in partnership with She Hacks Kenya, British Council, Team Fr334ks and Team cybersamurai bring to you CTF challenge which is going to take place on 11 December 2020.

The CTF is going to start out as a Competition which is going to run for 24hrs then after that, it will seize to be a competition and will begin to be a challenge platform where challenges will be updated and some retired. Once a challenge gets retired no points will be awarded for the solve.

There will be a Tab on the website for ease of access which is going to take you directly to H4K-IT’s CTF Platform where you can register and start participating in the challenge’s.


Looking Forward on getting your feedback and see how well we can improve the Platform and make it better for the upcoming generation of cybersecurity experts.


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