We are not using this anymore

We are leaving the old ways behind

H4K-IT has recently done rebranding on its logo giving it a different look and feel to it. the major change to its logo was due to the desire to become unique and easily identifiable. Through innovative idea’s and concept’s from the team we came up with a unique logo, new colours, new and innovative emblem and finally a new Identity.

What does this mean for us you may ask?

Same mission but different approach


H4K-IT would like to introduce you to its new and shinning log

We are not done yet, we still have more good news for you, and as part of our rebranding process, we are about to launch Our first self hosted CTF platform which is coming soon in December. The Challenges would be created by members of CTF Team’s  The Cybersamurai and Fr33akes. This CTF Challenge is made possible through the partnership between H4K-IT and SHE HACKS.

Challenges are going to be of different categories Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Web, Cryptography and OSINT not limited to these, more categories would come along as days go on.

Challenges would be available for 2 – 3 weeks after that they would be retired. Retired challenges would have no points meaning that participants would not get any points for submission of retired challenges. The challenges would have different level’s ranging from easy, medium and hard.


H4K-IT is Looking forward to seeing you all participate in the challenges that are coming up and hope you will all have fun.


Stay Safe and be blessed.


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