H4K-IT got into partnership with Cyber Talent in order to host first Tanzania’s first cybersecurity national competition. The competition kicked off on 26/9/2020 at 12:00 pm East African Time (EAT). There were 21 teams that registered for the competition but the teams that were eligible to compete were only 10 due to the other groups not meeting the minimum requirements to compete.

Me being the captain of The cybersamurai I recruited the finest people to be part of my team who we share a common goal which is winning. The Team consists of me Ally Ndimbo, Taha Farooq and Peter Lymo and I must say they are exceptional and talented team members and I am proud to have them on board.

I must say this great achievement was through constant practice, teamwork, clear communication and most importantly sharing a common goal which I must say my team showed all these attributes throughout the competition.

We have our slogan which was attained from the ancient samurai scripture’s which states that “The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight and the only reason a warrior fights is to win”. This slogan has been an integral aspect of the team in achieving our victory. We made sure we put a fight from the beginning till the end and win the competitions which we did.

There were 10 CTF challenges which consisted of :

OSINT, Network and cryptography – 1 challenge each

Forensic and Malware Reverse Engineering – 2 challenge’s each

web security challenge’s – 3 challenge’s

The challenges overall were very interesting. We faced plenty of obstacles along the way but through persistence, we managed to break through some of the challenge’s and I believe if we had ample time am sure we would have pulled through the other challenge’s which we didn’t manage to solve.

Overall the whole CTF was wonderful and I am proud to announce that team The cybersamurai will be moving to the next round to represent Tanzania in the Arab and Africa Regional CTF on the 10/10/2020.

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