Mr. Kharim Mchatta is the Founder of H4K-IT, he specializes in Cybsersecurity and Digital Forensics. He write's Cybersecurity contents which are as a results of extensive reasearch and penetration testing engagements which he has conducted
Mr. Hussein Msisiri specializes in Digital Design and Computer networks. He deals with the designing of H4K-IT products such as logo, video editing and future rebranding design's
Ms. Huzla Rashid is the Co-Founder of H4K-IT who specializes in Criminal Justice,  Terrorism, International crime and global security. At H4K-IT she will be looking at the evolving trends of terrorism from physical violence to cyber terrorism
Ms. Getrude Dyabene is the Advocate of H4K-IT. She acts as H4K-IT legal advisor and handles all the legal affairs.